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With the development of the microcredit market, many users began to ask: can I make an application online and take a loan without e-mail? Here it is worth separating the concepts: you can take a loan online to a card number without e-mail or e-mail exclusively in an offline MFI. Stationary firms do not need multi-level identity verification, since a person comes in person and faces a manager.

However, online MFIs have a number of undeniable advantages in speed and quality of service, which clearly wins in this contest.

Let us examine in more detail why it is impossible to take a loan online on a card without email and email and in which organizations a loan is issued without email.

Where they give credit without email?

Where they give credit without email?

As already mentioned, a quick loan via the Internet without e-mail will not be possible due to registration technology on the portal. This is the next step in confirming your identity, as well as a channel for further communication. According to this principle, all existing online MFIs work.

To get a loan without email, you can use the stationary offices, which are usually located near the metro, markets, shopping centers. You need to have a set of documents with you, but the main task will be to catch up with the opening hours, since most departments work until 18-19 pm.

It will also be possible to get an urgent loan without email at a pawnshop, but you will have to leave a valuable thing (telephone, gold, jewelry) as collateral. And there is a high risk of losing an expensive thing if you do not have time to make a payment.

What documents are needed to take a loan on a card without email

What documents are needed to take a loan on a card without email

Usually, in order to get a loan without email, employees are asked to provide:

Civil passport; Tax payer number.

Further, the list depends on the specific organization and its individual loan requirements without Email. Some still need a statement of income or a copy of the work book.

If we are talking about pawnshops, then an ID card is enough, but it’s worth being prepared that they will ask for documents for goods left as collateral.

Our values

Our values

In the online lending service , a quick loan of money to a card without an email is not available, but registering through a mailer is actually not difficult. Customers who have difficulties in the authorization process can read the detailed instructions here. At the same time, you get loyal conditions and bonuses from the company:

  • Availability is always around-the-clock work of service and technical support. But a loan of money urgently without e-mail is possible at the appointed time, according to the schedule of the department;
  • Accessibility to all comers – there is no difference in income and work experience, therefore they even approve of the unemployed, students, and pensioners;
  • Accessibility without territorial reference – having access to the Internet, you can apply on the couch, while in the subway or in traffic. Credit without e-mail, on the contrary, forces you to go to a certain point, spend personal time on the road and waiting in line.

Summarizing the above, it becomes clear that the lack of an email address does not simplify the lending process. In turn, online loan services save you time and provide services 24/7.

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