Loan money: solve your doubts about 4 types

Many people find in the personal loan a solution to put their debts up to date and put their plans into practice. However, before going to the bank and applying for a credit line, It is important to know what are the main types of loans that exist, their interest and what are the moments indicated for each option. Have knowledge of this information important that sometimes asking for the wrong loan can generate more debt than solution. To clarify all your doubts on the subject, in today’s post we will talk about the characteristics of the 4 main money loans available on the market. Check it out below!


Consigned credit

Consigned credit

Usually offered to INSS retirees, pensioners and CLT workers. These are the credit lines with low interest rates in the market (on average 3% per month), as the debt installments are discounted directly on the payroll, which gives more collateral to financial institutions. To make this kind of loan easy: if you have margin, It is possible to contract the service directly from your bank account. Is that money loan indicated to settle emergency and important debts. The installments will be deducted directly from your account.


Online personal credit

Online credit

Many websites offer online personal loan service at lower interest rates than major banks in the market. This is because these companies do not have large physical expense structures, which reduces operating costs. In addition, credit assessment is generally quite strict, which ends up creating a qualified list of good payers and allows these companies to practice lower interest rates. Through the internet You can find different credit options online, with limits that vary according to your profile. In addition to the Good Lenders website, you can compare and hire loans via the app. It is possible to find offers with rates starting at 3% per month.


Anticipation of the IR’s reinstitution

money loans

The interest rates for the anticipation of the income tax reinstatement are also low, as banks have more guarantees than they will have paid life, already that the installments are discounted as soon as the refund falls into your account. To borrow this money loan is the interested party go to the bank and check if you have this credit line available in your account. The payment term for this credit line is usually shorter than the other options mentioned in this article.


Advance of 13 salary

salary loans

Another way to borrow money is very common through the advance of 13 salary. Has lower interest rates than other personal loans and easy to achieve. However, when opting for this credit line, does the interested party advance your benefit. And does that mean that there is no power count on the money at the end of the year. To hire this line, do you to owe get in touch with your bank branch. Usually, people resort to this type of loan when they are in the red, with inflexible debts that need to be paid urgently. Did you have any doubts about the types of loans Which would be most appropriate for your situation Make a comment and participate! 

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