Where to get a blacklisted loan in Ukraine?

Every borrower who has repeatedly made delinquency knows what a blacklist of debtors is. In simple words, this is the base in which information about people with open debts to credit institutions is located.

As you know, banks are in no hurry to lend money with a blacklist, because they are afraid to contact obviously unreliable customers. Of course, the structure can go forward, get a loan with a blacklist (ES), but this transaction will be expanded with additional requirements for the applicant (collateral, guarantor, deposit). Many raise interest rates in order to protect themselves.

However, organizations operating on the market give guaranteed blacklisted loans on completely human terms.

This article will examine in more detail where and on what conditions it is possible to take a blacklisted loan in Ukraine, is there an alternative to lending banks?

How to get blacklisted?


Before you learn how to get a blacklisted loan, you should understand why you ended up there. Among the main ones:

  • Ignoring financial obligations to pay a loan;
  • Fraudulent actions against a financial institution;
  • Large debts on communal or alimony;
  • Attempting to dispose of collateral during the period of an unpaid loan (selling an apartment, donating a car, exchanging a plot);
  • Other situations that provoke violations of the transaction, the terms of the contract or applicable law.

These data are stored in GFIC and are available for inquiries to employees of banks and financial companies. Also, check your full name in the BCI can be any adult citizen. Once a year the service is free, more often – you will need to pay about 50 USD for a one-time treatment.

Can I exit the blacklist?


Fortunately, there is a way out of the emergency, but getting into the trap is much easier than getting out of it:

  • Pay off all existing debts to creditors;
  • Open a salary or deposit account in the bank with which there were disagreements;
  • Make utility payments, money transfers, taxes through account data;
  • Raise the rating with the help of successfully closed microloans. For this purpose, there are MFIs where you can take a loan online on a blacklisted card. Some offer to get a loan with overdue debts and a blacklist at zero percent upon the first application. This is a great and easy way to rehabilitate your name.

If you manage to increase the rating and get out of the emergency, try to carefully observe financial discipline in the future, and treat your contractual obligations responsibly:

  • If you can’t cope with payments, request a refinancing or extension;
  • Do not avoid contacts with representatives of offices, the main thing is to start a dialogue and find a compromise;
  • If you cannot borrow from relatives for making a payment, you can apply for an urgent loan online on a blacklisted card in Ukraine in a company with the position “We are working with a blacklist”.

Get a blacklisted loan at Good Finance!


To take out credit on a card with a bad credit history and a blacklist in Ukraine, it is necessary to study in advance the offers of firms cooperating with debtors.

One of the most liberal microcredit organizations is the online service Good Finance, known for its loyal user policies.

My credit, approving an application is even possible:

  • Credit without income statement;
  • With a bad credit history;
  • With active delays;
  • Without formal employment.

Good Finance will not refuse financial assistance, even if your credit history is far from ideal.

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