1am phone call ruined Newcastle United management plan – backlash with ‘fake news’


Complaints are now coming quickly from Spain over Unai Emery’s rejection of the vacant management post at Newcastle United.

Initially quite vague, with claims that he didn’t want the job, but it seems there is still a small chance that things will change, reports are now much more certain that the decision will be final.

Marca report that after Villarreal’s 2-0 Champions League win over Young Boys, Emery called Fernando Roig, the club president, at 1 a.m. to let him know he would be staying.

Roig and Emery had spoken before the game, but the manager was keen to clarify his position afterwards. Marca said there was no question of questioning Emery about the talks he had with Newcastle, simply repeating expressions that Villarreal did not want him to go.

His relationship with Roig and others, and the “very professional” way the Spanish side is handled, all helped in the decision making process.

On top of that, it looks like Newcastle United shot themselves in the foot. Marca said Emery came under “suffocating pressure” on Tuesday as the complaints came from England. He hadn’t liked it, especially before such an important game for Villarreal.

‘Constant leaks’ from Newcastle had put Emery ‘in the eye of the hurricane’, Marca saying: “The Basque coach didn’t like the way the English media gave details and spread rumors or false news, like meetings via video conference or that it was decided he would train in St. James on Thursday. Park, or that he would sit down on Saturday. on the bench for the black and white team in the game against Brighton. ‘

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