Bad GTT response to erratic DSL service


Mr. Editor,

It seems that we have become so used to inefficiencies in Guyana that the current erratic DSL Internet service in Georgetown is simply accepted as “normal”. Even the media don’t seem to care.

Businesses and homes are affected and the consequences are obvious.

Queries about this lack of service to GTT go in the usual way – treated with suspicion and recklessness as it is compatible with this entity. A 72 hour deadline for GTT to consider this matter is now in its third week. It is a monopoly attitude.

An email sent to the PRO at the Ministry of Public Telecommunications – assuming they would be interested in this complaint – was returned as it was not valid. This email is listed on the ministry’s web page.

In the meantime, I need to communicate with my office because Skype, WhatsApp and emails are erratic. Technicians recommend equipment upgrades; I am told that the routers need to be changed, but I think if there are no signals to route, how can the router be blamed?

By dealing with another large inefficient service provider – LPG – we can at least try to generate our own electricity. I don’t know of a backup internet source.

The late VS Naipaul, often criticized for his premonitory observations on the functions of Third World societies, must surely be wearing a smirk.

Yours faithfully,

Vishnu Dyal

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