Kaduna state to shut down telecommunications, ban okada and implement oda security measures to fight bandits


Wia dis foto comes from, NASir el-Rufai / Facebook

Kaduna State plans to shut down the state telecommunications service.

State Governor Nasiru el-Rufai said they had received advice from “military and oda security agencies to shut down telecommunications service in certain local areas,” but were waiting for security tell them what specific areas and where.

Let’s also add that, they do not get permission from the federal government to go ahead with the shutdown.

In addition to the telecommunications shutdown, starting Thursday, September 30, changes will be made to public transportation in the state.

  • From Thursday to the next three months, total ban on Okada – weda na for public transport or for personal use.
  • Prohibit the possession or handling of dangerous weapons.
  • Keke or Marwa are only authorized to operate from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Any keke must remove the curtain.
  • Within 30 days, all commercial engines must be painted yellow and black.
  • The taxi charter must be yellow and black striped curry.
  • No more sale of gasoline for jerry-cam or any other container for the local goods of Birnin Gwari, Chikun, Igabi, Kachia, Kagarko and Kajuru.

Wetin you need to know about shutting down telecommunications

Di stop na for di whole state?

The shutdown of telecommunications service will not be statewide.

The areas that will be affected in the border areas between Kaduna and Zamfara and Katsina State.

According to di govnor na becos from di two states they pass through local goment areas so that Kaduna can make calls and demand a ransom.

Wen dem go start and wia and wia e go affect?

Goment even tell dem neva sabi exactly when the shutdown will start or which areas will affect.

And although they know which local events they are going to affect, Governor el-Rufai says, “I am not going to mention the local events that they have affected.”

How long are you going to last?

E won’t know how long the shutdown lasts.

Just as di goment neva knows exactly when the shutdown will start, they don’t know how long it will last before the connection returns.

Inform the BBC Pidgin to be told the security committee that he is in charge of the plan to meet tomorrow.

Oda says telecommunications will be shut down

Aside from the northeastern region of Nigeria, telecommunications are not closed because of the Boko Haram insurgency, but also for Zamfara and Katsina.

Although I have the idea of ​​making it difficult for the kidnappers of these two states, they will like them find a way to tackle this problem.

Oga el-Rufai said that while the telecommunications of these two states were closed, the bandits in these two states were too worried, some of them had crossed the local areas of Kaduna to obtain the border between two states for make a call.

“There is no doubt that bandits and criminals depend on telecommunications to communicate with informants and relatives of kidnapping victims to demand a ransom.”

Ultimately, this would be a solution for Zamfara and Katsina state and did not become wahala for the insecurity of Kaduna state.

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