Macron-Morrison first phone call after ATHENS submarine crisis 9.84


Emmanuel Macron today spoke with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison for the first time since the start of the crisis after the announcement in mid-September of a new US-Australia-British alliance that resulted in the cancellation of a contract. French submarines in Canberra, according to the Elysee.

The French president stressed that “it is up to the Australian government to come up with clear actions, which will embody the will of the highest Australian authorities to redefine our bilateral relations and to pursue joint action in the Indo-Pacific,” said the French President. French president. .

Paris had expressed its indignation after the surprise decision of Australia to cancel without notice the purchase contract of 12 French conventional submarines for the sum of 90 billion Australian dollars (55 billion euros).

Since then, Emanuel Macron has had no direct contact with Morrison, and has spoken with US President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, whom France has also criticized following the announcement of the Aukus alliance between the three countries.

During the telephone interview, Emanuel Macron “recalled that Australia’s unilateral decision to reduce the France-Australia strategic partnership by terminating the submarine program in favor of another project, which remains to be specified, had resulted in the breakdown of the relationship. ” between our two countries “, underlines the Elysee.

“More attention will be paid to the situation of French companies and their subcontractors, including Australians, who are affected by this decision,” the statement said.

The phone call came a day before the scheduled meeting tomorrow between Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden in Rome before the start of the G20 summit, which will be followed by COP26 in Glasgow, with Morrison.

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