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Voice service

Fixed voice service is the most reliable way to connect with your friends and family. With NITCO, there will be no dropped calls, just clear connections every time! You also get a reliable connection to 911.

Web Hosting
Whether you run a business or just want to start a personal blog, we can help you with all your hosting needs! We offer support services for PHP, ASP, MySQL, Linux and Frontpage at competitive prices!

Mirror hosting
A mirror is a collection of files on one computer server that have been copied to another computer server so that the site or files are available from multiple locations. This is a good thing for NITCO because locally hosted mirrors help reduce network traffic and ensure better uptime. It’s also good for the rest of the internet as we provide an alternate download location for popular files.

Broadband internet service
High Speed ​​Internet is high speed Internet that uses ADSL2 + and VDSL2 technologies. It works by transmitting digital data through your home phone line, allowing you to access the Internet while using your phone! How is it possible? xDSL uses a much higher frequency range than needed for voice service, allowing the customer to make and receive calls online. NITCO broadband also operates on a dedicated line. This means that you won’t have to share your bandwidth with everyone on your street.

You will be able to download videos and photos faster with our high-speed DSL service. We have different plan options to get you connected quickly and easily. All at an affordable price!

wireless Internet
Tired of your current wireless service provider squeezing your wallet? NITCO’s dedicated wireless service is here to help, and you have a good chance it is in your area!

With optical fiber (#NITCOFiber), you will enjoy the most elite video experience. You will be amazed with the highest quality streaming and perfect video clarity.

“I switched to NITCO Fixed Wireless Internet when I gave up my fixed line service with another phone company and they told me I couldn’t get dry loop DSL. NetNitco fixed wireless turned out to be much faster than my old DSL (especially on downloads), plus NetNitco customer service is unbeatable! “- David Rys from Valparaiso, IN

“Everyone at NITCO has been wonderful. Both Ryan’s in tech support have helped me a lot. They both made my wireless internet experience a lot easier. So thank you very much, and I hope I enjoyed it. ne I don’t have any more problems, but if I do, I know they will be taken care of by excellent staff. ” – Tim C. from Hebron, IN

“Excellent customer service and technical support. It was very courteous, understanding, patient and responsive.” – Jeff C. from Demotte, IN

“I am always very satisfied when I call NITCO technical support. The staff and technicians are very friendly and extremely helpful. There really is no waiting period before my call is answered and my problems are always resolved immediately. Your business is the best ISP I have had. Thank you all for your help, patience and courtesy. It is VERY appreciated. ” – Kendra K from Crown Point, IN

“I had my DSL installed by a NITCO technician in Demotte (Mark is his name) I want to thank him for his professionalism and for going out of his way to install a router for me and for explaining to me how it works the DSL and for respecting my house with its careful and professional work !!! THANKS VERY MUCH FOR THE WONDERFUL SERVICE !!! ” – Lisa from Demotte, IN

“I just wanted to express how happy we are with everything you’ve done. The internet speed is fantastic (much better than anything we’ve ever had!). Great customer service and the facility went wonderfully well (thanks Josh!). ”- Jory and Karen Brown from Cedar Lake, IN

“I have been a NITCO customer for 14 years and have known other suppliers through friends and family. I wouldn’t consider leaving NITCO for the world knowing what they often have to go through. just to have a live phone person! Your service has always been invaluable – friendly, patient, lightning fast and always available! You are all doing something very, very well! Keep up your fantastic service and THANKS! ” – Linda C. from Hebron, IN

“I have had your service since I lived at Lakes of the Four Seasons and got my first computer. I moved to Valparaiso over a year ago and have continued with your service. In fact, your company added a tower so that I can continue to use your service. In today’s tough times, nothing can help you save money better than great customer service. I just wanted to say thank you! “- Kathleen N. from Valparaiso, IN

“Each time I called NITCO for technical support, the wait was short and the person was extremely friendly and helpful. Thank you for the excellent customer service!” – Debra P. from Hammond, IN


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