Telkom will boost DSL to 100Mbit / s


[dropcap]T[/dropcap]elkom revealed a plans to accelerate its network of copper broadband digital subscriber lines up to 100 Mbps.

Telecom group CEO Sipho Maseko said Monday during his annual results presentation in Midrand that he plans to deploy technology to accelerate his old copper network in homes and businesses.

However, the technology is only suitable for short copper loops, not for providing services far from the company’s telephone exchanges. This means that only part of Telkom’s DSL base should benefit from the performance improvements.

Maseko said will allow Telkom to provide high speed broadband to “many more people without having to spend hundreds of millions of rand” to replace local copper loops with fiber. He hinted that Telkom would deploy technology especially in apartment buildings and housing estates.

Alphonzo Samuels, CEO of Telkom’s wholesale subsidiary Openserve, said the company will test the technology in nine neighborhoods before rolling it out commercially. is a DSL protocol aimed at improving performance on local loops of less than 500 m, offering theoretical speeds of up to 1 Gbit / s (for distances less than 100 m).

Sipho Maseko

Openserve said in a statement released later Monday that technology “uses the copper tail or drop wire at the customer’s premises (as an alternative access technology), to provide broadband at high speed. flow where it is viable “.

“Among the first”

“Openserve is one of the first companies to use this technology globally and is set to rapidly expand its broadband to broadband footprint across the country,” Samuels said in the statement.

“In areas where Openserve has a fiber access footprint, it is now possible for residents of townhouse complexes, small gated communities, residential units and office parks, who already have existing copper access lines, to benefit from high speed speeds of up to 100Mbit / s.

“ is helping us overcome the reluctance of many homeowners’ associations and multi-unit housing companies to grant permits to modernize the infrastructure of their properties. We have now found a way to make better use of the infrastructure already in place, thereby reducing any disruption or possible damage to the aesthetics of the domain or the associated expenses.

Openserve said it would extend access fiber in a suburb to an equipment room, usually in the basement or gatehouse, where the copper access distribution point is located in a complex.

“A node will be installed where the fiber extension is complete and complex residents will now have access to the higher broadband speeds available using the existing copper tail / drop wire.”

Openserve customers will be notified of specific areas when services are available via technology.

Telkom has already invested in very high-speed DSL, or VDSL, technology to deliver broadband over copper at speeds of up to 40 Mbps. – (c) 2017 NewsCentral Media

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