The Ministry of Telecommunications amends the rules of the right-of-way defining the framework for the installation of an aerial OFC in order to facilitate 5G

New Delhi:

Optical fiber is a fundamental and structural element of mobile and fixed broadband networks. Faster fiber deployment is important for backhauling large amounts of data at high speed, improving reliability, and reducing latency.

To achieve the goal of universal broadband connectivity at 50 Mbps for every citizen, the fiberization of telecommunications networks is essential.

These DoT RoW rules previously only covered underground OFCs and mobile towers and with this amendment now in place, the desired clarity for the laying of overhead OFCs is also available, which will go a long way in creating the necessary infrastructure to respond to future ones. 5G deployments in the country.

The amendment further prescribes a one-off compensation of Rs 1,000 per km for the installation of aerial OFCs, which will bring greater uniformity in the invoicing of fees / levies by local authorities for the granting of permits for this. critical infrastructure.

Welcoming the DoT amendment, TR Dua, Managing Director of the Digital Infrastructure Providers Association (DIPA), said: “We thank the Minister of Communications for also initiating the desired reforms for the telecommunications infrastructure sector. We are sure this is only the beginning and this amendment will pave the way for further major online reforms, encouraging investment and faster deployment of critical broadband infrastructure in the country enabling the deployment of 5G and various new technologies.

“At DIPA, we are also working with other sectors such as the Ministry of Energy at central and state level to lay overhead OFCs on existing utility poles.”

DIPA, as the top representative body of telecommunications infrastructure providers in India, promotes the concept of “infrastructure sharing” and is actively involved with various central and national governments for cross-sector infrastructure sharing in order to take full advantage of existing infrastructure in the country.

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